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Pedal into the world of cycling innovation with me as your guide to the latest and greatest in cycling gear. I don’t claim to be the best. It's not about being the best; it's about being better than yesterday. Join me on my journey of discovery, where I uncover the subtle tweaks and improvements that make all the difference on the road or trail. Uncover the hidden gems that elevate your ride from good to exceptional.

About Me:

Amongst a sea of cycling enthusiasts, I thrive on looking out for marginal gains and the best products. My passion lies in exploring, testing, and analyzing all things cycling-related, aiming to discover the gear, food and coffee that brings that extra boost to your performance. I'm constantly on the lookout for the newest innovations and cutting-edge products, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve be it from the most expensive to the best budget and affordable items.

Product Reviews and Recommendations:

From top-of-the-line bikes to the latest accessories, I provide my honest, unbiased reviews of cycling products. Whether it's a sleek new carbon frame or a revolutionary saddle design, I'll share my insights to help you make informed decisions. I review and talk about what works for me. I have no interest in endorsing products that are inferior or sub par. Many “influencers” out there receive free product in exchange for content and positive reviews. I have spoken to many brands where they have told me that I am one of the few that actually tell them something sucks. Many content creators leave positive feedback and say “thank you please send more”. Why would I want more free products that suck?!?! To be honest I’m only a middle aged man so I don’t actually get a lot of product for free. I may get some discounted product here and there and some product for testing purposes. If its something I am interested in and want I will purchase it regardless.

Join the Conversation:

Let's connect and share our passion for cycling! Follow along for in-depth reviews, product comparisons, and discussions on all things cycling-related.

Get in Touch:

Have a product you want me to test or review? Questions about cycling gear? Feel free to reach out at mamil.rider@gmail.com or connect with me on Instagram


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